Through our insightful conferences, I Meet Hotel aims to give hoteliers keys to higher revenue, new technologies, innovative business models, trends in marketing and media, and customer loyalty. By bringing together influential names in the hospitality industry directly to the hoteliers who make the decisions, I Meet Hotel serves as the conduit to help build networks, business opportunities, partnerships, and sustainable services.

Our dedicated sponsors, such as Bidroom and Attached – language intelligence, work directly with the hospitality industry and our attendees can find useful and innovative solutions from our sponsors to ensure they are at the forefront of the ever-changing landscape of hospitality.’s Co-founder and CEO Michael Ros

I Meet Hotel aims to encourage innovation and customer excellence in hospitality by putting together leaders and speakers who shape the future of the industry. Returning as one of the key speakers is’s Co-founder and CEO Michael Ros. Bidroom was founded in 2014 to provide both hoteliers and travelers with a fairer online travel community whereby travelers have guaranteed lower prices for rooms and hotels pay no commission due to Bidroom’s unique membership. 

Michael says I Meet Hotel provides an informal and more exclusive environment meant to build lasting connections and relationships within the hospitality industry. It is a great event because it brings together those who are extremely passionate about hospitality.

Additionally, the event will feature speakers, such as Ali Yilmaz – Chairman of SEM, Dr. Ozgur Zan – VP at Done, Matthijs Kooijman – Commercial Director at Attached – language intelligence, Richard Lindberg – Founder at One Planet Rating and Murat Yigitol – General Manager at Foundation for Environmental Education in Turkey.

After the conference, covered by your complimentary tickets, join the networking session which will enable all the participants to get to know each other, talk, exchange experiences and develop new business and personal relations. It is the perfect occasion to inspire and be inspired. After the networking event, there will be an after-party to continue building the relationships established at the event. The after-party is limited in spaces, so visit the website to get some tickets!

The conference is scheduled for 4 addition stops during 2020, so, If you miss the Istanbul edition, you will have the opportunity to join in Amsterdam, Paris, Verona or Montreux.

For a limited time, grab your complimentary general admission tickets by visiting and using the promo code

HotelGazetesi. Additionally, if you are interested in sponsoring the event in Istanbul, please email

Paylaşmak Güzeldir


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