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A ‘next generation reservation system’ with rich product data, specially for the travel agencies and hotels that primarily serve tourism by providing only B2B services.

We had a conversation with Tripholi General Manager İlknur Kıran about the point how Tripholi was born and its future.

İlknur Kıran is a graduate of Mustafa Kemal University, Faculty of Tourism. After working general Manager in the Middle East Market for about eight years in the travel agency sector, which she started Contract Manager, with the Iranian market in 2012, she continued her career in the sector as the General Manager of

Could you tell us a little about where Tripholi’s corporate headquarters is and the team you have formed?

Although tourism is the first affected sector in the pandemic, we decided to enter the Turkish Market with a beautiful project under the leadership of our company’s founder, in order to turn the pandemic into an opportunity by putting all our worries and concerns aside with analytical thinking in the current situation. We have calculated the risks that may arise in front of us. We conducted feasibility studies on the tourism profile that will change, the target countries, market types, the spending budgets of holidaymakers and the purchasing power that will change. In line with the results we obtained, we first designed our infrastructure and system, prepared our operation, and started marketing activities according to the market and age groups we targeted. We have created workshop calendars in the countries we target. In line with this calendar, we strengthened our position in the market with local and national advertising activities in target countries. actually consists of three branches. B2B Online, Leisure and MICE. Each one focuses on its own work. Although each department works with its own team, at the end of the day, we gather around a single table saying we are Tripholi. We have a global sales network. Our operators, who log in using their passwords on our Tripholi b2b page at, can buy tours, transfers, flight tickets and hotels, rent a car and create their own package if they wish. We have fun, easy-to-use and effective software. In addition to providing ease of use to our operators, they can easily make their payments with the strong banking agreements we have made. Our Leisure department is divided into two. As a group and FIT We just established our MICE department. We started to do a very good work.

Can you explain to us the way Tripholi works, the facilities it provides and its features for the companies that you cooperate with and providing services to tourism?

We have created an infrastructure where hoteliers can work with us very comfortably. We have a system where payments are made in a different way and reservations can be directed more effectively. The hoteliers working with us are also very pleased with the support they have given to this structure that we have established with a new B2B understanding. Because they can happily receive in return for the support they give.
We are also very solution oriented. Our system includes all businesses where we buy products. We have created a very high quality way of working with everyone such as hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, boaters and other companies that we get outsource service from. We also have a user friendly system for our own agencies to use the system. We have created an agency-friendly quality system that is easy to understand, easy to use and does not waste time, providing the best and fastest prices for hotels.


In fact, B2B is something that our hotelier friends avoid in our country. Many are afraid that the prices they send us will leak out.Being aware of this, we have created a closed code software. A structure where our operators can log into the system with their own passwords and make reservations, cannot see all season prices even if they want to, we do only allow certain date ranges, after then can take tours and transfers and buy flight tickets if they want, that is, they can create and package their own product, and finally see a total number. Each of our operators has its own profile and success score. As the number of reservations and sales increases, we have an exceptional system where they can get more special budgets and promotions from us, score and comment on the hotels they serve, and measure their own income, income and expenses with graphics based on completely real data.
I think that we have created a difference in reference to the agencies that serve in the same lane as us in the sector.

Could you please give some information about where the headquarters of Tripholi and your teams is?

The headquarters of Tripholi was established in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and then moved to Istanbul as our head office. We have two offices in Istanbul, Beşiktaş and Çağlayan. We also opened offices in Antalya and Izmir. Our aim is to strengthen our teams regionally in order to get fast returns in every region and to make fast contracts.
Since the founder of our company creates a team of people who are good in their fields, who can put forward their own ideas, who are fast, young and dynamic, and who can make quick decisions, very good works and success emerge.

Is Tripholi designed across Turkey or as a global system?

Tripoli Global is a B2B system. The sales scope covers the whole world. We are able to sell hotel, tour and flight tickets to all over the world and also get sales.

As Tripholi, what is your target in the Turkish market?

There are agencies in the sector that offer very good global B2b services, but Tripholi is a global system established by a Turkish investor in its form of establishment. Of course, our goal in the Turkish tourism market is to be number one. For this, we establish very strong teams, make investments, and with our R&D department, we measure the constantly changing and developing market, the economy and people’s expectations in tourism, and in this way, we try to have a much more product range and improve our service style, renew ourselves and follow the dynamic markets abroad. We are trying to pave the way for the markets. Our road is long and beautiful.

We wish success to Ms. İlknur and her team and thank you for this nice conversation.

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