Dynamic Differentiation is a key of our motto!

Dynamic Differentiation is a key of our motto!
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Posted on Kasım 17, 2022, 2:56 pm
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Katherine Pınar Özbilge, President of the Turkey Branch of the American Travel Consultants Association and CCO, Chief Commercial Officer in Tripoli, said that travelers from countries other than the UK, the USA and Europe have increased their interest in Turkey. Özbilge emphasized that as Tripholi, their goal in 5 years is to be in the TOP 5 list all over the world.

Katherine Pınar Özbilge’s statement on the subject is as follows:

Dynamic Differentiation is a key of our motto!

Katherine Pinar Ozbilge, the Turkey Chapter president of the American Society of Travel Advisors, and Tripholi Chief Commercial Officer says there is increased interest in Turkey from travelers from the U.K. , US.A and the rest of Europe.

Chinese tourists are also taking advantage of the slip in currency value. We will use this advantage in 2023 adding by more TO’s to our portofoglio for tailor made and circuit groups and We are not limited only with Turkey. Our vision is wordwide investments and we are sticked to our strategic plan to grow our business globally. In 5 years, As Tripholi , our goal is to be in the TOP of 5 list all of the World.

“The currency shift will increase Turkish tourism revenues and tourists will have the opportunity to have luxury holiday packages with cheapest prices,” she says.

BRIEFLY Tripholi’ exclusive division is currently consists of fully senior account managers and caters for tailor made special interest groups needs in all budget levels of our business partners as well. Besides, we are the one the most respected group company specializing in short or long haul group travel to the Europe, U.S.A, Middle East and Far East. Apart from the B2B online bookings. Tripholi has a spesific autograph to organize events at the hotels such as seminars, meetings, conferences, team building and any private or product actions. Thus, we maintains high quality of services with a view to the clientele’ expectations which means our business partners’ clientele is in safe hands.

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