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I had very good experiences on this trip, where we were invited as FIJET Turkey International Journalists and Writers for the international promotion of the Fundata destination, a touristic village in the Romanian Carpathians. As FİJET Turkey, we had our President Delâl Atamdede, FİJET Board Member Hüseyin Kurtoğulları, Romania – Turkey Alibaba Travel Agency İsmail Hakkı Yüksel and many other valuable members as their special guests. The organization was hosted by FIJET Romania President Stefan Baciu together with Fundata Mayor Marian Florin Patea.


Between 18-21 September 2023, Braşov Governor Mihai Catalin Văsii, Ghimba Airport Director Alexandru Anghel, Braşov District Council President Serban Todorica, Fundata Mayor Marian Florin Pâtea, Miss Romania 2021 Elena Carmina will attend the “Fundata & Sirnea 2023 Promotion Event” from Rome. Hoteliers from Cotfas, Fundata and Romanian travel agencies attended. We were there as about 135 international journalists and tourism professionals invited to Romania. British Journalist Charlie Ottley, who has made travel documentaries about the natural landscapes of Romania such as “Wild Carpathia” (2011) and “Tastes of Romania” (2017) and has a home in Fundata, made all the introductions to us.


Fundata village is 3 hours away from Bucharest Otopeni International (Henri Coanda) airport. It is at the foot of the Carpathian mountains and resembles Switzerland. When we started to arrive at the village, the first thing that caught our attention was the 50-meter tall pine trees and virgin forests. The village houses have such a simple and beautiful architecture that they are like trinket houses. The garden of every house is very well-groomed. You will not see any garbage around, except for the Deers, Cows and chickens that spread in nature.

Since the people living in Fundata are engaged in agriculture, they have their own unique taste. You can feel a different taste at Fundata, which is famous for its palinca, visinata, blackberry wine and Afinata. They make wine and liqueur from almost many fruits. Dairy products are at the forefront and cheese varieties attract attention. And since it is located in the Carpathian mountains, they produce many products for therapeutic purposes with its rich vegetation. When we look at the people living in the village, we can say that everyone is very healthy. Our conclusion from here is that Fundata is a very suitable destination for ecotourism and health tourism.

In their statements, officials who attach importance to Sustainable Tourism emphasized Ecotourism in the region and pointed out that while opening the region to tourism, their aim is to protect the environment in accordance with the rules of sustainable tourism and to take care of the welfare of the local people. Our FIJET Türkiye president, Delâl Atamdede, said in his speech: “Ecotourism; It involves traveling to places where flora, fauna and cultural heritage are the main attractions. Our country is perhaps among the most attractive countries in the world in this respect. “As Turkey, we need to address this issue as quickly as possible,” he said.


A Magnificent Virgin Nature with SKI, SKATING, SPA, JUMPING, TRIKING and many more activities…

Fundata is located close to the Cheile Gradiştei ski resort. Cheile Gradiştei Ski Center has been expanded and turned into a sports and holiday complex. In addition, a very large skating rink, a long jumping area, an adventure park, a swimming pool, a spa area, accommodation rooms and restaurants were built. I think this region will make a difference against many ski resorts in Europe because it offers many activities for holiday lovers in winter or summer. When we compare it with ski resorts abroad, Cheile Gradiştei Holiday Complex has become a holiday center preferred by families as it has many different activities other than skiing. A destination that will be addicted to ski lovers in winter and nature lovers in summer, Romania Fundata is definitely the shining star of tourism in Europe! Teleferic Grand Hotel, the most important hotel of the region, has been wonderfully restored from start to finish, mostly with wood, and offers service.


Fundata is 30 minutes from Braşov and 3 hours from Bucharest. On your way to Braşov, you can visit Rashnov Castle and take a cable car to Braşov, which is paved with cobblestones. You can visit Count Dracula’s mysterious Bram Castle and shop in its center. On your way back from Fundata, you can visit Peleş Castle, with its legendary visual beauty and fine architectural work, built by the first king of Romania, Carol, between 1873 and 1914, hidden among the greenery at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains in the Prahova Valley. I can say that it is the most beautiful castle you will ever see. There are many other castles and cultural heritage in Romania, and you can easily visit and see everywhere.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the night they prepared for us on our last day, where local dishes were served and cultural games were played together, and for their kind hospitality in the magnificent promotion of Romania, which was organized in an open area at an altitude of 1976 meters. A destination could only be described and experienced this enjoyable. I hope to go to Romania and Fundata again and see and experience more, and I recommend everyone to see it.

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